INSAN is a Human Resource Management System that has been designed and developed to enhance web-based and mobile accessibility of HR-related data. With its comprehensive assortment of modules, INSAN tackles all of your HR responsibilities.

The conventional HR department is a detail-oriented cost center that suffers from a number of inefficiencies. INSAN’s groundbreaking features will optimize your HR operations and achieve a return on investment with a rapid payback period. Allow INSAN to manage:

Payroll & Personnel

Time & Attendance

Recruitment Management

Evaluation & Appraisal

Time Sheets Management

Expenses Management

Training Management

Employee Self Service

Managers Self Service

Formal Document Generation

Medical Insurance (Soon)

Post-Dated Checks for Dynamics GP

The product dimensions of this module were specially developed to meet the Jordanian market’s need to manage post-dated checks. It provides a clearer view of the interaction between the organization and the client, and helps with accounting integration and the tracking of transaction details.