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Making the decision to switch your company's business management system is a process that requires understanding potential solutions and, equally important, understanding the real business needs of your firm. However, technology alone does not make a company successful. Today’s best‐in‐class companies understand that the right level of support ‐ timely responses from highly skilled and qualified experts ‐ can be the difference between business success and business disruption. 

INSIGHT S&S is a partnership between INSIGHT Business Solutions and our clients to ensure they are getting the highest value out of their technology investments. We know our clients have different needs, and so we have created MeritCare to be a flexible and customizable program to offer the best value.



Specialized - Take advantage of our consultants’ deep knowledge and long history of helping customers. Our teams work closely together to learn how best to help you. They focus on industry knowledge which means they work to understand the specific issues you're dealing with and how best to help you and your team.

Personalized - When you have a service request, our consultants will provide you with the answers you need. You'll get the best possible resolution for your specific issues and the personal attention you deserve.

Accountable - Build a personal relationship with our consultants who take your issues as personally as you do. We never stop developing new services and benefits to help make you more productive. And we hold ourselves accountable for your satisfaction with our support.

By making an investment in business process and technology solutions, you expect your business to become more agile, efficient, cost‐effective, and competitive.

With INSIGHT S&S, you can count on the help of a trained support team that delivers timely responsiveness with maximum value, enabling you to make the most of your solution and drive continuous business transformation and improvement. 

This unique offering affords INSIGHT Business Solutions’ clients the ability to continue to improve their use of their business applications and streamline business processes for increased productivity.



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