A lot of the time when companies make the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics GP, they expect to become more agile, efficient, connected, informed and competitive. Unfortunately, it is often the case that things do not go as smoothly as planned. Too many companies never receive any value from their investment into Microsoft Dynamics because the system and processes were not implemented correctly – or haven’t been implemented at all!

In most instances, these challenged implementations are the result of working with the wrong consulting partner. Some of the stories we’ve heard at INSIGHT include:

  • The partner was “utterly incapable of providing the necessary expert advice, guidance, or leadership“.
  • The partner “staffed the project with novice consultants, many of whom lacked even a basic understanding” of the ERP concept.
  • The partner “knew but did not disclose that the pre-contract product demonstration” did not reflect the software’s actual capabilities or functionality; i.e. “promised the world, delivered screens”.
  • The partner “knew, or should have known, that the level of software customization required to perform the implementation” to meet requirements “far exceeded the accepted norms or original cost estimates and proposed.
  • The partner “conducted a classic bait-and-switch” by “drastically increasing its estimated license cost and fees after being on the job for some time through playing on word in the proposal“.
  • The partner “hides behind the vendor’s approved project methodology and suggested training” while knowing quite well this is insufficient”.We call it “Down payment sales tactics”.

Business process and IT improvement projects face a large number of risks and challenges due to the transformative impact they have on enterprises.

Enterprise ERP implementations involve more than just replacing software applications; they also involve the re-engineering of business processes and changing the way your employees operate. For these reasons, projects require more than just software re-sellers.

So How Do You Choose A Capable Partner?

If you are looking for an effective ERP implementation partner who you can guarantee your return on investment you need to take it upon yourself to conduct some basic due diligence.  Your potential partner must have:

  • Business process consultants
  • Change management experts
  • Certified project managers
  • Experienced integration and customization engineers
  • High-value quality analysts
  • Reliable and responsive support teams

INSIGHT Business Solutions Winning Formula

Our Microsoft Dynamics Rescue program is built around five pillars, enabling organizations to get costs under control, projects back on track, and the most value out of their investments:

  • Organize– Standardize Service & Support processes.
  • Stabilize– Prioritize and resolve most pressing issues and retrain and requalify the team members.
  • Optimize– Minimize process timing – technically and functionally.
  • Maximize– Emphasize additional use of the ERP and customize if needed.
  • Realize– Recognize the return on investment (ROI) you envisioned.

Unfortunately, too many companies end up working with software resellers instead of a true consulting partners who have experience managing the people, process, and technology changes. If you are looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics or find yourself struggling with an ineffective deployment, please contact us. With a 100% success rate, our clients always see a return on their investment.

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