IT Assessment

IT Assessment professional services consists of a full review of your current IT Governance, Strategy, Technology & Operation currently in use, and its efficiency based on your corporate strategy. We will examine and measure how much does your IT investment meet from the stated business strategy, and if the architecture has the ability to grow with your future business directions.



There’s no question that IT plays an essential role in business today. Virtually every company relies on technology to support business functions across the enterprise and enable growth. And the expectations for IT keep rising. Business users demand ever-higher levels of performance and availability. Company executives constantly ask their IT organizations to improve efficiency, cut costs and respond immediately to changing business needs. In addition, IT leadership is under increasing pressure to drive revenue growth. The effective and innovative use of IT to support business objectives has become a critical part of staying competitive.


Your IT organization is probably facing many of these challenges. Your business moves quickly to take advantage of market opportunities—acquiring companies, forging new alliances and bringing innovative offerings to market. To keep up, you need a flexible, integrated IT organization that is anchored to business objectives. A solid strategy can help you prioritize activities and stay on a defined path to success. It may be difficult and time-consuming, however, to devote valuable resources to developing or rethinking your strategy in house. Or you may not know where to start.


Our IT Assessment can help you evaluate your IT Investment, analyze your capabilities and potential, and develop a roadmap for improvement. Based on your company’s specific needs, we will perform an assessment that examines your existing IT Governance & Strategy, environment, including IT processes, organization and technology, to help identify gaps in performance, skills, capacity, security and technology. Our consultants— experienced in IT strategy engagements for companies of many sizes and industries worldwide—then offer recommendations for operational  improvement and help you create a roadmap with a prioritized list of initiatives.




IT Operational Assessment

IT Department key performance indicators usually look at operational availability and reliability of IT. One of the key component is the assessment to the reliability and availability of the infrastructure. We will also tackle the security question by assessing the vulnerability of the operation.


IT Policies and Procedures Assessment

The tasks of assessing the IT  Department internal policies and procedures will be tackled in this phase. The main areas that will be investigated are daily, weekly, monthly and annual processes, new installations and upgrades, disaster and/or business recovery,


IT Technology Assessment

Utilizing the IT Services Delivery Model, we will examine the IT Department compliance to standards and best practices revolving around Asset Management, Hardware, Software and Network Architecture, Infrastructure Utilization, Performance Monitoring, Service Desk, and Service Level Management. Another area that will be assessed is the physical computer room layout, utilization, security and compliance to best practices.


IT Human Capital Assessment

Like any other business, the human capital element must grow hand in hand to the technology being used and rolled out. The HC assessment phase will cover the IT organization structure, level of education and certification, succession planning and abidance to policies and procedures.


IT Financial Investment Assessment

Like any successful business or department, IT must have its own budget. The assessment will look into the budget, its utilization and breakdown, analysis to the company revenue and profit, and the matrix being used.


Legal Issues & Documentation

IT Departments continuously manage a number of contracts with the vendors. The assessment phase will investigate the contracts and produce a current status which will be used to gauge the vulnerabilities they might have. Further, all books, documents and documentation procedures will be scrutinized for completeness.


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