ERP Optimization

Our ERP Optimization offering gives clients who have already implemented an ERP system a fresh perspective on how they can optimize their implementations and start reaping the benefits. This includes a review of your current ERP system, and a roadmap for continuous improvement. For clients who are about to implement an ERP system.



The INSIGHT ERP Optimization offering provides an assessment and analysis of your current ERP environment which will provide:

  • An understanding of where you stand in your ERP implementation vs. best practices
  • Opportunities for improving your ERP environment
  • An action plan and roadmap for achieving benefits from your ERP system

Our consultants have developed expertise in implementing and providing quality assurance for ERP systems. The team also has experience in performing IT performance assessments, developing actionable IT strategies and architecture plans, and improving overall IT performance.

We team with our clients to perform the ERP Optimization based on their business goals and requirements, and educate their team in the process. We believe that this is important so that our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to the optimization plan as changing business needs demand. We stress that the plan is not just a report, but a process which positively impacts how IT delivers value to the business, through its ERP system and improved business processes.




Our service offering delivers the following results:

  • A definition of current business and IT strategies, and a list of perceived ERP issues and desired goals
  • An assessment of the ERP enviroment (people, process and technology) and its support systems — e.g., feeder systems, business intelligence, etc. We evaluate the client’s ERP implementation based on our assessment framework (below). We also conduct an application technical and functional quality review.
  • Opportunity analysis for how to improve ERP functionality and deployment, so that it better supports the business direction and maximizes return on investment
  • Clearly defined strategies and tactics that guide future ERP investment
  • A prioritized set of actions/initiatives required to implement the optimization plan; with each key initiative having a business case which defines high-level costs and benefits
  • An execution roadmap which outlines resource requirements and timeline to achieve the agreed-to benefits

Our consultants deliver a detailed report which includes the above deliverables, and present our findings to our client’s management.



We can also assist our clients in implementing the recommendations described in the optimization plan.




IT executives and senior management responsible for IT direction and core applications such as ERP across the enterprise — This optimization action plan will assure that IT investments yield the expected benefits. It will also improve alignment between IT and the business.



We review and evaluate the following:


  • Business and IT strategies
  • Business process definition that the ERP system is supporting
  • Progress on the original business case and desired benefits
  • The current status of ERP deployment; what’s completed and what is still planned
  • Development and deployment track record and challenges
  • Technical and functional quality review (how the ERP system is viewed by IT and business users)
  • Application development and support processes for ERP, including:
    • Organization change management and communication processes
    • Training and support processes
    • Documentation
  • Application and data architectures, and the impact of the ERP system
  • Organization roles and responsibility for all facets of the ERP environment, including the level of resources supported the system
  • The program management and governance structures that guide ERP development and support


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