Each industry is unique. The sanitaryware merchants also have their own uniqueness; from managing the tile inventory, to the high number of inventory items that are sold separately and in kits. The reason you are here today is probably due to the fact that you are in desperate need for new technologies to assist in solving the issues mentioned here. Chances are, you are searching for better ways to handle these challenges:


Managing Complexity:

  • Planning the supply chain more efficiently.
  • Managing the complex sales cycle.
  • Tracking stock more efficiently.
  • Accounting for country-specific regulations and taxes.


Improving end-to-end Supply Chain visibility:

  • Viewing real-time order status.
  • Tracking the inventory and their variations.
  • Manage costing more accurately.
  • Increasing visibility with suppliers and customers.


Meeting Compliance:

  • Complying with evolving IAS regulations.
  • Tracing products from sources to client.
  • Increased reporting and analysis.
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