FMCG, Drugstores & General Distribution

If you are a Distributor / Wholesaler today, you are probably facing a rapidly changing economic environment and in desperate need to embrace new technologies to stabilize and grow. Chances are, you are searching for better ways to handle these challenges:


Managing Complexity:

  • Planning the supply chain more efficiently.
  • Managing the complex network.
  • Tracking stock more efficiently.
  • Accounting for country-specific regulations and taxes.


Improving end-to-end Supply Chain visibility:

  • Viewing real-time order status.
  • Tracking inventory.
  • Manage costing more accurately.
  • Increasing visibility with suppliers and customers.


Meeting Compliance:

  • Complying with evolving IAS regulations.
  • Tracing products from shelf to sources.
  • Increased reporting and analysis.
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