Project Management


Effective project management is critical to ensuring a successful implementation. At Merit Solutions we use the proven processes, tools, and guidance in the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology to help deliver successful implementations.


Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is a full customer lifecycle methodology providing Partners with comprehensive sales through delivery guidance, project management discipline alignment and field-driven best practices. The guidance, tools, templates and best practices provided in the methodology are proven by the Project Management Institute and can help increase the consistency, timeframe, quality and success of the Microsoft Dynamics engagements.

Sure Step has six phases: Diagnostic, Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Operation. The phase encompasses Solution Envisioning, and provides guidance on product capabilities, including content on focus industries for a corresponding product.  

  • Diagnostic: The goal of the Diagnostic phase is to gather enough information in order to define the high level project scope and make a confident proposal for the remaining phases of the implementation. The major deliverable is the implementation proposal and contract. There will also be high level and possibly detailed requirements and gap/fit analysis documents.
  • Analysis: The Analysis phase represents the official start of the implementation project. The goal is to define and agree upon a list of business requirements related to the new Microsoft Dynamics solution. This includes the business and data migration requirements, as well as integration requirements. The major deliverable is the comprehensive functional requirements document.
  • Design: The goal of the Design phase is to define how the business requirements will be implemented. This phase includes the design of both the Microsoft Dynamics solution configuration and the design of specific customizations and integrations needed to satisfy business requirements identified during the Analysis phase. The customizations can range from simple user interface or report modifications to complex functionality additions or modifications. The phase also includes mapping and designing processes for data migration.
  • Development: The goal of the Development phase is to develop the customizations, integrations and data migration processes that are defined and approved in the design phase. The major deliverables are the completed feature customizations, reports, integrations and data migration processes. Each component is tested and verified to be functioning according to specifications.
  • Deployment: The Deployment phase is where the efforts of the project team come together for a successful transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics solution. There are several important activities that must be completed in order to reach the end goal. This phase includes the activities related to final system and load testing, training End Users, and the actual cut-over to the new production environment.
  • Operation:  The goal of the Operation phase is to transition the customer from the implementation project into on-going support following a successful go-live. The deliverables for this phase include final project and software related documentation, project review documentation, and on-going support contracts. At the end of this phase, the project will be transitioned to the customer and on-going support.

Leverage Sure Step combined with Merit Solutions' best practices and recommendations to help ensure a successful project. Merit Solutions project management services are not meant to displace your project management team; instead, they are designed to support your requirements and supplement your responsibilities in the implementation.  




Benefits of INSIGHT Business Solutions Project Management services include:

  • Incorporation of implementation best practices.
  • Repeatable, consistent methodology and processes that provide a better implementation experience for customers.
  • An implementation framework that allows multiple partners working on the same project to "speak a common language" and work together toward a common implementation methodology. 
  • Flexible methodology can be customized for the size of an organization, the complexity of business processes, multiple implementation types, and industry-specific vertical markets. 
  • Communication and status reporting keep clients aware of the project's status. There are no hidden costs and it is easy to track progress and the time required for each task.
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