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Welcome to INSIGHT Business Solutions, providing the very best of SharePoint in the Middle East. If you are looking for a competent Microsoft partner who can help you with all your SharePoint requirements there's good news for you - INSIGHT Business Solutions are SharePoint experts and have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure you get the service you expect and deserve.

There are lots of benefits to you:

  • you have the security of knowing you are working with a professional, respected team
  • your opinion is the one that matters, and you'll end up with exactly what you want - the satisfaction of being able to show that you are using your resources to the full - unlocking the potential that is sometimes hidden in SharePoint
  • an excellent support service
  • a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure
  • access to our "pay as you go" service which allows you to buy just one day of consultancy, if that's all you need

INSIGHT Business Solutions offer a wide range of services including SharePoint customization, support, rescue and development. As a top provider of SharePoint, INSIGHT Business Solutions are sure to be able to find the solution to your deployment questions. Our top-notch SharePoint developers will find the best answer for you.

We are specialists in SharePoint. With our extensive experience, backed up with customer case studies, we can help you with any of your requirements including SharePoint development, consultancy and support.

We'd love to have the chance to talk to you to discuss what your needs and challenges are - we relish the opportunity to help organizations thrive. Don't risk working with anyone but the best providers of SharePoint in the Jordan and the Middle East, call INSIGHT Business Solutions on +962-6-5811454.


SharePoint Consultancy and Development

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, INSIGHT Business Solutions have all the experience and expertise to help you with all your SharePoint consultancy, at all stages of your farm’s life.

SharePoint out of the box offers a huge level of functionality but you would most certainly benefit from extra development.

Recent engagements involving customization and development include setting up an Intranet for a government ministry and customizing My Sites in the GCC. Our priority was to make sure that we fully understood what was needed before making a start on any work, always listening to our customers’ requirements.

Compliance is essential in lots of organizations, and we've just completed a project to set up a whole series of workflows that helped ensure the organization was able to gain ISO certification. Another area of expertise is that of web parts and templates as a properly constructed template can make a big difference to the user experience and help with the overall "look and feel" of a website, intranet, etc.

We've developed applications for customers, including a Correspondence Management System.

If you think SharePoint could make an even bigger contribution to your organization, contact us to discuss how our consultancy services will help you.


SharePoint Deployment Services

If you're considering deploying SharePoint and are wondering where to start, let INSIGHT Business Solutions guide you in the right direction.

We've learned that buy-in for any new software is hugely increased when the deployment and roll-out follows best practice and is completed smoothly and effectively. We've also seen time and time again that errors during deployment may not be seen immediately, but can have a huge impact a few months along.

We've completed lots of successful deployments for our customers, always following best practice ensuring that planning and architecting are given proper attention.

One of the most common enquiries we get is from organizations who have deployed SharePoint and are experiencing problems. We recently helped an organization – a regional Oil & Gas Group - who had run into trouble with SharePoint. It turned out that the issues were caused by errors made during the original deployment. This really does demonstrate that it is essential to get good advice from the outset, as trying to put SharePoint right after a poor deployment can be costly and time consuming.

So, if you're looking at doing anything with SharePoint it really will pay to get advice up-front to avoid problems in the weeks and months to come.


SharePoint and Azure Support, Services and Rescue

Are you experiencing problems with your SharePoint farm or you want to move to Azure? Look no further than INSIGHT Business Solutions - SharePoint and Azure experts.

We provide support services on a contract basis and also on a pay-as-you-go credits system, and there are lots of benefits to you:

  • you have the security of knowing you are working with a professional, respected team
  • you'll end up with exactly what you want
  • you decide how much support you need
  • you'll be in control

We can provide support on- or off-site to suit you, and you can use the credits you buy to purchase any of our services, including training.

Customers have told us that they really value being able to get all their SharePoint and Azure services from one place. One major local distribution company are currently using INSIGHT Business Solutions to provide training, consultancy, development, support and hosting and have told us that they are very happy with their decision to use us.

One phone call to INSIGHT Business Solutions enabled our technical specialists to start work straight away to identify and resolve the problem.


SharePoint Development

INSIGHT Business Solutions provide our clients with a full suite of SharePoint development services that range from small one off applications through to larger, more complex business transformation projects.

Our SharePoint specialists have experience in both bespoke application development, and custom configuration. We aim to make your SharePoint deployment work better and meet your business' needs.

Bespoke SharePoint Development.

Our SharePoint development team bring together a range of skills to create bespoke applications designed to make your business operate more efficiently by improving collaboration.

Typically, our SharePoint development engagements begin with a series of workshops to fully gather your project requirements. We deliver clients a roadmap for the project which outlines the full cost of the development work. Once approved, our team will begin the work, providing regular updates as we progress.

Typical SharePoint development projects include intranets, extranets, business process automation, and document storage.

Project Managed SharePoint Development.

All of our SharePoint application development is carried out in line with best practice, and our project management team ensure on time and on budget delivery. Each SharePoint development project undertaken by our team benefits from a fully qualified and experienced project manager who will liaise with your technical team in order to keep you fully appraised of the progress toward meeting your goals.

For more information about how INSIGHT Business Solutions can deliver your SharePoint project, please contact us.


SharePoint Intranet Development

A well-structured SharePoint intranet acts as a communication portal for staff: enabling collaboration and easy management of information through your organization. We offer a range of SharePoint intranet systems that are built to serve the specific needs of your business.

Our SharePoint Intranet Development includes full branding packages to ensure that it matches your corporate requirements across different device types so your staff can access information wherever they are.

We can help your organization create a SharePoint intranet that will allow you to immediately share documents, collaborate on projects, and automate processes across all departments and sites.

  • Increased productivity, employee engagement and utilization of resources
  • Pain free deployment by the INSIGHT Business Solutions technical team using best practice techniques
  • Quick and cost effective implementation of a highly functional intranet application High level embedded security and user permissions
  • Built to meet the specific needs of your organization
  • Framework built to grow as your organization grows
  • Saved time and reduced business costs
  • Accelerated business process

For more information about how your business could benefit from a SharePoint intranet, or to request a quote, please contact INSIGHT Business Solutions


SharePoint Portals

Simple, Social and Connected SharePoint Portals.

SharePoint is one of the best business portal solutions currently available. As well helping you to share news within your organization and allowing staff to collaborate on documents, developers can use it to create entire applications just for your organization.

If you’re looking for a new portal, then SharePoint can provide the following:

  • Excellent collaboration features with document-sharing, project management tools, social features and mobile access.
  • A self-service portal for multiple functions, such as submitting expenses, booking annual leave and logging sick leave.
  • An excellent level of security and user permissions that can be tailored to the requirements of your organization.
  • Staff submissions of Intranet news posts that can be reviewed and edited before posting.

INSIGHT Business Solutions can provide a ready-made hosted SharePoint Portal on premise SharePoint or SharePoint online with deployment achieved quickly and custom development based on your business needs.


SharePoint Online Services

INSIGHT Business Solutions are specialists in SharePoint Online and can help your organization to migrate to the cloud.

We've worked with SharePoint online and other versions of SharePoint to create a variety of bespoke solutions and offer full development services and ongoing support to our clients to help them get the maximum benefits for collaboration and business process that SharePoint offers.

We have extensive experience in migrating from older versions of SharePoint from 2007 through to Online, and can also assist with the creation of hybrid solutions in cases where data needs to be hosted on local services for compliance reasons.

We can provide an end to end service in SharePoint online including configuration of the platform, providing bespoke applications to add functionality that enables better business outcomes, and full branding and design services to bring the look and feel of SharePoint in line with the rest of your business identity.

Call us today to discuss your SharePoint Online needs and find out how INSIGHT Business Solutions can help your business become more successful.


SharePoint Branding

INSIGHT Business Solutions offer a full SharePoint branding service including design and development work to customize the look and feel of the platform and bring it in line with the rest of your business' identity.

To conduct a SharePoint branding project, we typically start with a workshop that gathers key stakeholders together to agree the design goals, and any other objectives including functionality and application support that may be required. Once this has been completed, we will carry out the design work and provide you with regular updates and opportunities to review at key stages in the process.

Our SharePoint branding service is ideal for intranets, extranets, and public facing websites where you want to achieve a specific look and feel for the platform to make it more user friendly or fulfil specific goals.

We offer a range of SharePoint branding services from simple customization through to bespoke design of master pages and custom iconography. We work with all currently supported versions of SharePoint including SharePoint online.

Talk to us today about your SharePoint branding objectives, and we will arrange a meeting with a member of our technical team who can talk you through the whole process from start to finish and help you get started with a new look and feel for SharePoint that will increase adoption and improve usability for staff or customers.


Document Management Solutions

INSIGHT Business Solutions provide bespoke document management solutions based on SharePoint technology to organizations of all sizes from small businesses through to large public sector bodies and international enterprise clients.

We have a UK based development and consultancy team and offer a full service to develop and support document management solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Our team will organize a workshop with key stake holders in your organization to plan the overall project and gather specific requirements for your solution. Once we have a clear idea of your needs, we will create a bespoke development plan that takes into account what version of SharePoint you want to work with, the applications that you plan to use, your hosting and storage needs, and any licensing requirements.

We will define approval processes, workflows and any BI reporting that you require from SharePoint to complement your document management solution. We are Microsoft Certified Partners with extensive experience in both SharePoint and Azure, and as such can assist with hosting including hybrid systems using the public cloud and local hosting.

For more information about how our development services for document management solutions based on SharePoint, please contact a member of our team today to get started.


Intranet Development

Intranet Development typically involves stakeholders from multiple areas of an organization, and requires extensive planning in order to ensure that the overall project goals are properly met and the full benefits achieved.

INSIGHT Business Solutions provide a comprehensive intranet development service that puts you at the heart of the project. Depending on your requirements, we offer a choice of options from an “off the shelf” intranet including core apps and collaboration features through to a fully bespoke implementation that provides a range of functionality that gives your business everything it needs to improve efficiency and internal communication.

We offer a full intranet branding service as part of our offering. This means we can configure SharePoint to look how you want it to and match your corporate identity. A well-designed intranet can improve adoption within your business and help you get more value from the development.

We have a UK based technical team who will work with you throughout the intranet development process from initial workshops and project planning through to the delivery and ongoing support if required.

We are SharePoint and Microsoft Cloud specialists, and work on all major supported versions including SharePoint Online. We can also provide consultancy around Single Sign On and help you with hosting your SharePoint Intranet in Microsoft Azure public cloud, or locally in the data center of your choice.

Contact us today to find out more about our intranet development service and to talk to a member of our technical consultancy team who can help you to get your project started.



Strong collaboration practices in an organization lead to improved productivity and efficiency. At INSIGHT Business Solutions we provide a range of SharePoint and Office 365 based solutions to help staff work together more closely.

Both SharePoint and Office 365 offer excellent collaborative tools to improve workflow including version control, co-editing, and approval systems, and we work with our clients to ensure that these services are properly configured to their business needs, as well as providing custom development to ensure that internal working goals are met fully.

We provide an initial consultation service during which we will assess the way in which teams currently work and use their productivity software. Following on from this we will organize workshops with key stakeholders in the organization to establish goals for collaboration that we can then use as the basis for a SharePoint roadmap.

We are Silver Partners with extensive experience in developing for SharePoint, and as such will be able to create custom workflows that help your team meet their goals of increasing collaboration and improving productivity.

Contact a member of our team today to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help you get started on your project.

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