ERP Added Services


INSIGHT Business Solutions consulting knowledge help companies transform their business processes and successfully adopt the ERP is derived from extensive experience performing a wide array of these tasks. We have helped many organizations improve their business success. Based on this accumulated experience, we feel we can solve certain aspects of implementations in hours and days that will take other consulting firms weeks and months. This is not an exaggeration. It is inherent in the nature of the specialized work that needs to be performed during a successful implementation of systems that touch process across the whole enterprise of your business.



INSIGHT Business Solutions has deep programming expertise with .NET, Dexterity, e-Connect, and other Microsoft Dynamics and SAGE development tools that make it cost-effective to create custom applications that integrate seamlessly. We can rapidly customize reports, alter data views, and supplement current business processes to deliver solutions needed that streamline critical and time-consuming processes. Learn more about our development.



The success of your business system implementation projects is becoming more critical to the success of your organization. Utilize our in-depth experience and proven implementation methodology to ensure that all solutions are implemented according to requirements and are delivered on-time and on-budget. Our consultants are able to set critical milestones for all implementation projects, and our Partners and Customers like our approach because they can decide how large of a role to play in the implementation process.  

Utilizing such methodologies, we break down all implementations into five phases: analysis, design, development, deployment and operations.  Our processes lessen the risks inherent in many implementations, providing increased transparency, delivering improved accuracy, and easing the pain that can take place when considering customizations or migrations to an ERP system.



At INSIGHT Business Solutions, we truly understand that ERP projects are more than technical installations, deployment and switching over. Capacity Building of the users is an integral part of the project, taking a number of forms until completion. In fact, up to 70% of the ERP project must be dedicated to capacity building. For details, inquire with our business development team.



INSIGHT Business Solutions leverages a variety of proven data integration tools to develop seamless two-way integrated solutions. We have deep experience with integrations involving Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAGE Evolution, Microsoft SharePoint, Credit Card Systems, Cash Van Sales, and other 3rd Party applications, to create reliable enterprise-wide connectivity.



Users migrating to Microsoft Dynamics or SAGE Evolution often want to improve the structure of existing processes and line-of-business applications. Typically these businesses have grown and become more complex in their business process needs. Using the migration tools available, INSIGHT Business Solutions can help organizations plan and implement an efficient migration from other systems. Our methodology preserves data, enhances security, improves reporting, and minimizes business disruption by designing and following an efficient migration plan.



Take advantage of the knowledge and best practices that our consultants and engineers can provide based on our years of experience providing business process and IT services to clients and partners. INSIGHT Business Solutions helps customers with building out their team and talent by designing and delivering individualized training workshops that will immediately improve employees' skills - and provide a foundation to transfer knowledge within your organization in the future.



Great news - your company has decided to upgrade your ERP business system and ISV applications to the latest release. Unfortunately, you don't have the capacity, experience, or time needed to successfully complete the project with quality. INSIGHT Business Solutions provides upgrade support services that follow a proven methodology and utilize industry-leading tools designed to help keep downtime to a minimum - meaning less impact on operations and lower total cost of upgrade.

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