INSAN HRMS Modules include:

  1. Payroll.
  2. Personnel.
  3. Time & Attendance.
  4. Recruitment Management.
  5. Evaluation & Appraisal.
  6. Medical Insurance Management.
  7. Employee Self Service.
  8. Manager Self Service.

Calculating salaries 

Payroll system handles the process of calculating salaries for all types of employees in a comprehensive and accurate to cover all the requirements of any local institution with the ability to customize the system according to the needs of each institution's specific requirements. The system will follow up the movement of historic bonuses and deductions for the employee as well as follow-up overtime hours and recorded individually or can even calculate the total monthly salaries for each employee detailed comprehensive tax, insurance, salary bonuses of all kinds.


Flexible procedures for calculating salaries
Procedures differ calculating salaries and bonuses types and quality of approved deductions for employees from one institution to another. It features a payroll system for certified administrative comprehensive, the possibility of meeting the requirements of any institution in the handling of employees 'salaries through the heavy use of the indicators in the definition of allowances and deductions used in the organization in terms of being taxed or overtime, so that we can calculate the employees' salaries are accurate and comprehensive mechanism without the need for manual intervention.
The system allows the definition of administrative and financial variables for the number of working hours and overtime value of each institution, leading to accuracy in the results of calculation of salaries in the enterprise and reduce the burden of manual to follow.

  • Comprehensive database of employee information includes general statements and tax exemptions and personal evidence and warnings, including the staff of day laborers.
  • The possibility of transfer of staff between company divisions.
  • Ability to follow the general structure of the staff.
  • Data allowances and deductions for employees.
  • The possibility of rationalizing staff leave (annual and sick and private), whether paid or unpaid (where it is automatically deducted from the monthly salary), whether formal or informal.
  • Calculating the number of overtime hours and increase the value of the monthly salary.
  • The possibility of the introduction of loans and deducted from the salary when calculating monthly salary.
  • The possibility of the introduction and follow-up staff advances that are not deducted from the monthly salary.
  • The possibility of the introduction of the total value of the service tax, which will be distributed to employees and calculating the portion owed to each employee, depending on the number of points the input of each employee.
  • The possibility of the introduction and follow-up work-related injuries.
  • The possibility of introducing the era of staff and follow-up.
  • The possibility of introducing Photos staffing
  • The possibility of the introduction of day laborers working hours of employees and calculating the salary accordingly.


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