Sales Commissions

SalesCom, which belongs to the INSIGHT family of products, is a specially developed module fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX and Fern Abacus.

We understand that no two companies manage the same sales commissions schemes. To be competitive companies are always introducing new incentives to their sales force in order to boost sales and move products.

SalesCom can be specially customized per customer case.


Main SCS Features:

  • Individually customized per company needs.
  • Create commission schemes per sales person, territory, product, category of products, etc.. You decide.
  • When creating special promotions, you can automatically define special commissions for specific periods.
  • The commission formula can incorporate (but not limited to) sales , collections, delivery, inventory movement, etc.. You decide.
  • Through a dedicated smartlist, report and analyze the SalesCom data.
  • In certain implementations, the commission amount is automatically transferred to the payroll module either directly or through the analytical accounting.


Track Commissions:

  • Unlimited parameters.
  • Auto data capture from sales, collections, cash, you decide.
  • Reports on actual vs. plan.


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