Z@JEL Correspondence System

INSIGHT Z@JEL Correspondence Management System is a world class modular application, developed on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Z@JEL fully automates all inward and outward flow of documents of any size and format. With its bilingual capabilities, workflows, auto-mated approval cycles, e-file archiving and management, powerful search engine, delegation, etc. no document will ever be lost or de-layed from its final destination, whether it is internal or external to your establishment.

Z@jel Modules Include:

  1. Inward Module
  2. Management Module
  3. Delegation Module
  4. Delayed Correspondence Inbox
  5. Reports Module
  6. Advanced Search Module
  7. Archive Module

Main Z@JEL Features:

  • Bi-Lingual / Arabic & English.
  • Inward box.
  • Outward box.
  • Reminders features.
  • Notifications module.
  • Drafts module.
  • Notes module.
  • Web scanning.
  • Delegation module.
  • Reports module.
  • Advance search module.
  • Correspondence history and tracking.
  • Send a copy module.
  • Document Management System
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